Indoor plants: instructions for use

Indoor plants: instructions for use

In Paris and its surroundings as in the Yvelines, it is very rare to find an apartment with an outdoor area, terrace, courtyard or even garden. While some lucky people manage to find Duplex-Jardin ®, others have only a classic interior. A painful finding for plant lovers! Fortunately, many indoor plants can also come to charm your living rooms. But what species of plants to choose to fly? How to keep them in good condition? You are taught more in this article. Pristine Builders Oxford

The clivia
This plant is one of the easiest to grow indoors: and not without reason! With its robustness and its persistent foliage is added a pretty flowering which lasts from the end of the year during several weeks. What brings a touch of color to your home! The clivia likes light without direct sun, but can also be satisfied with a dark room. Only downside: its flowering will be less dense.

The areca
With its long green stems fan, areca is among one of the best-selling plants in France. Native to Madagascar, this plant that can reach 1.5m high is also depolluting! To privilege therefore in your rooms to live, especially in the living room and why not next to the sofa to give a cozy side to the room.

Some mistakes to avoid …
After carefully choosing your ideal indoor plants, the path does not stop there! You must now take care of them to ensure their good health. And that’s not always easy. Here are some mistakes to avoid at all costs to ensure sustainability to your little-protected plants.

Too much water your plants
In terms of watering, it is better to wait until your plants show the need to be watered rather than drowning them every week! Too much water is much more devastating for plants than relative drying. To complicate things, each plant requires a particular watering, earth as leaves. So refer to the sheets of each plant, but keep this rule in mind: the finer the leaves, the more the plant will require water. What to point you with a little.

Over-expose your plants
Each plant does not necessarily need to be exposed in full light! Some even have a horror of that. If you do not do it well, you risk killing your plants in the sun. To avoid this, select the living room of your plant according to its characteristics. In the entrance, prefer azaleas or narcissus. In the bathroom, however, the humidity will be perfect for orchids. Finally, an EST exhibition will otherwise be globally ideal for the majority of plants. Again, refer on a case-by-case basis to your florist.

The sun will be your best ally
The sun will be your best ally in the practice of your organic gardening. It allows the lemon tree to have green leaves and living. By exposing it to its rays, the shrub will grow faster. Above all, do not forget to water it regularly. The hole in the bottom of the pot will allow rapid evacuation of water for better ventilation. The pots in wood or terracotta are ideal for growing your lemon tree. They will be better able to contain your mixture of soil and soil. Also be careful when choosing your lemon seeds and feel free to use the substrate for better drainage.

Now, it’s up to you to play intelligently your interior!

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